Technical specifications Highlights:

Length: 273cm
Width: 69.6cm
Height Kopfhutze: 81.5cm (highest point of the vehicle)
Turning circle: approximately 14m (depending on tire width and wheel alignment)
Ground clearance: 8cm
Weight: In the standard glass-model approx 28kg, 25kg approx Carbon version, lighter on request
max.Payload: 120kg (optional reinforcements)
Wheelbase: 127cm
Track width: 58.5cm
Circuit: SRAM X7 and X9
Brakes: SA-front drum brakes
Driver Size: 155-187cm
Seat angle: adjustable
BB: adjustable
Cross-sectional area A: 0.41m 2
C w value: 0076
C wa-value: 0.0311 1)
Energy efficiency: 145 watts at 50 km / h, 191 watts at 60 km / h, depending on payload, driver weight, tires and road surface can vary this value
Color: yellow, red or white, others on request
Specifications subject to change.

1) the determination of the Cd value is based on an averaging of wind tunnel measurements and iterative calculations on the basis of performance measurement hub.


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