The Borealis V1 is the first version of the Borelais that fits onto The QNT trike from Inspired Cycle Engineering in Britain. When I was researching for a tadpole trike to build a velomobile around I tried out a few and found that I liked the handling of the QNT the best. What really settled my choice was that the QNT was the first mass production trike available with rear suspension.

This is a picture of the first prototype of the Borealis.

We only built one of these. Then a fortunate set of circumstances happened. I gotten the prototype velo rideable and shown it to Brock at Cambie Cycles. He was going to a bike show and mentioned what I had done to the folks at the ICE booth there. Just after the show John from ICE came to visit me. He has family living here he was visiting and popped out for a visit.

For here on with some input from ICE we refined the concept a bit more and it
became the Borealis V1.

borealis v1
borealis v2
borealis v3
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