Low maintenance and continuous operation in all seasons?No problem with the SL Milan. Like its big brother is also in Milan SL encapsulated the drive train is full, ie the right side of the rear wheel arch separates the spoke from the drivetrain. Thus reaches no dirt or moisture from the road on parts of the drive. This saves not only the regular cleaning of drives, but extends the life of the drive components by a factor of 10! A removable closure rail closes the introduction of crack in the wheel well, which when fitted to the axis is needed.

The car protects a pipe, the pulling side Tevlon chain and loose side. The contamination and small parts inside the vehicle are not covered by the chain.

Good visibility in rain and darkness?This works with rapidly adjustable visor hood of Milan without problems. Air flows through a small gap on the inside of the visor and reliably prevents fogging. The visor on the Milan-hood is relatively steep, so the view through the windshield is sufficient even when wet and light glare.

It is in everyday life but also situations where you need immediate visibility, such as when the oncoming traffic, throwing slush on the vehicle or in moist-wet snowfall. Then, the Milan-sight from the inside while the ride is pushed slightly upwards, so that free view under the visor is possible throughout.

Camping holidays with the Milan SL? We have tried it.Through intelligent use of storage space, there is no problem, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and a lot of baggage to Milan to accommodate. By optional additional luggage compartments before the front wheel and plenty of storage space in the long tail and Kopfhutze is possible.

The Milan office of the SL can take with one hand movement from the vehicle, opening up free access to the luggage in the rear of the vehicle.

With the seat as a "trough" then you can also stack very well a lot of luggage and parts to be removed from the vehicle. Without the car seat is no longer attractive for the curious to take an unauthorized test drive ...

With the SL range Milan muscle-powered mobility is growing on previously unimaginable dimensions. Be it the daily commute to work or it was the day trip on the weekend also trained an average driver can create several hundred miles a day and expand their scope. Weather-proof, comfortable, energy-efficient:
Be inspired by the experience and the passion to move under its own power at high speed.
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