As described in the introduction of Milan, was in the design of the car down to security details great value.

Scenarios as frontal impact, side multi-overs and rear-end collisions played an important role.
Restraint system. In a frontal impact, the body of the driver obliquely upwards / forwards flung The coaming on the shoulders of the driver is shaped so that it very effectively prevents skidding forward. In the effect which is comparable with a seat belt.

Even with a lateral rollover is prevented that the driver is thrown from the vehicle body. The extremely stiff designed Kopfhutze projecting well beyond the level of the head and rollover protection as preventing a collision of the head on the road.
In the case of a rear impact must be avoided in any case that the driver's head is thrown back or risk a dangerous edge of the neck.

The trough-like support surface adapted to large area of the head is prevented from Kopfhutze das.

Low collision area of the vehicle: The small width of the vehicle and the lack of out-standing chassis parts such as the front wheels will significantly reduce the risk of collision.

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